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What does Clarity look like for you?

How can you find your voice and speak your truth?

Learn to open & clear your chakras. Through breathwork, visualization and meditation.

Open the lines of communication to be heard clearly & receive information clearly.

Create the life you want to live…

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My mom is a “super mom!”

My mom is a “super mom”, and raised 3 kids on her own. I don’t know how she did it, but she did!

We only have 1 kid, and I know that it takes a village.

I am so grateful that my mom introduced me to holistic health at a young age. I remember she would bring me to her chiropractic appointments as a young girl. It always felt like a special place to me. The chiropractor Dr. Irene allowed me to lay on the table, and would cup and hold my head gently as she guided me through with breathing and visualization techniques.

As well my mom would bring me to see the acupuncturist she worked for to help me with my asthma. The acupuncturist Stephanie Lum taught me about what foods to eat and what foods not to eat because they create heat in my body and trigger my asthma. She taught me about the different organs in my body and how they work together. I learned about different meridians and about chi (energy).

My mom would use acupressure techniques and a gentle massage on me at night to help me with my intense allergies and it would help me breath and go to sleep.

At the age of 16, I realized that our bodies are amazing and can heal properly with the right nutrition, guidance and care. My curiosity lead me into the healing profession after college and much soul searching.

After my recent gall bladder / emergency surgery, my mom flew down from Washington state and helped me with some energy work. She massaged my head and feet (to help ease the discomfort), used a warm wash cloth on my head and some lavender essential oils. It’s amazing what a warm washcloth and lots of love can do.

It’s an honor to have learned so much at a young age about holistic health and healing. I am glad that I can share with others what I have learned through my own healing experiences and continued education.

I now surround myself with amazing healers,holistic practitioners and am an extension of my mom teaching others what she has and continues to teach me.

I would love to offer and extend my massage and wellness coaching services to you.

I am excited to announce… in June, my massage and wellness coaching services will be available at the in Alameda.

Get yourself or someone special a gift of wellness. You deserve it!

We all learn from everyones Journey and stories. If my wellness coaching has helped you, please send me a testimonial.

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Post Surgery-Doterra oils saved my life

A couple of months ago before surgery, I was talking to my Doterra mentor. I was telling her that I needed to scale down on my orders to be more”sustainable” with my budget.
After surgery, that has changed.
Before, I thought I can’t afford it.
Now, I can’t afford not to have it.
The essential oils literally saved my life.
While in the hospital I used them in my diffuser and on me to keep me calm and present. The nurses who came in loved the atmosphere it created.
I used mostly lavender and peppermint to help me with my nausea.
Doterra Lavender has kept me calm.
Doterra Frankincense, oregano and lemongrass is a natural relief of inflammation , without the side effects.
Serenity has helped me sleep, in combination with Cedarwood.
On hard days and feeling blah, I use Citrus Bliss, or mandarin.
Ginger for upset stomach.
Sandalwood to calm my nervous system.
For the deep discomfort in my muscles, my go to is Deep Blue oil and lotion.
What I love about the oils is that they don’t have side effects, they lift my spirits, or calm me down when needed. Safe for all family members, and right at my fingertips.
I used to be apprehensive to share, but now I want to share with everyone who might benefit from the oils just as me and my family have.
The oils are good to help many things like: support your immune system, common colds, digestive issues, headaches, migraines, pms, sleep issues, cuts, bruises, etc.
If you are curious about the Doterra products, I’d be happy to share with you more personally.
You too can have them at your fingertips. Especially if you have little ones. School is like a Petri dish!
Just PM me. We can set up a time to chat for 15-20 min. I have a lot of time on my hands now & more importantly would love to connect with you.
Here is my site if you want to take a sneak peak:
If something isn’t working for you and you keep suffering from any of the above, it’s time to make a change….
To a Healthy 2017!

Wellness Wednesday-Tips and tools

Power thought cards- Louise Hay

My work is deeply fulfilling


I give my best

to that which I do, knowing

that when one experience is complete,

I am led to even more fulfilling

and rewarding experiences.

Tips and tools from the online wellness callers:

  1. Food first-” What makes me feel the best physically is juicing and picking vibrant whole foods to put into my body”. When feeling low energy- ” I use essential oils. Peppermint makes me feel alert and clears my sinuses, I also use balance, wild orange and clove to help lift my energy.”GA
  2. In the morning upon waking up-” I say my gratitudes for 30 minutes. I think of those who have helped me and give thanks.”LM
  3. At night-” I say my prayers, and give thanks to my family. I make time for exercise, walking, go to the gym and use the sauna. When I feel good, it makes my family happy.” MT


Live Life to it's fullest potential!