February 1, 2020

Life Coaching with Lori

“I want to share my experience of Life Coaching with Lori. I came to Lori having recently lost my husband to cancer, and with many long-held beliefs about myself that were causing emotional and physical pain and discomfort in my life. Lori’s approach for me, which combined a variety of exercises – emotional, mental and physical – help me make significant progress in this major life transition. Homework assignments, for me, included written journal activities exploring grief and loss, and self-acceptance. Lori’s approach also included mediation, physical breathing and stretching movements, and specific projects and timelines to set goals and create forward movement.

During my work with Lori, I addressed past sorrows and anger, and learned much about myself. Although the process was not easy – it definitely does require work and self-commitment – it was completely worth the sense of freedom and expansion that continues to grow in my life. I feel more grounded and solid as a result. Functioning in a healthier manner both emotionally and physically. And I know I have a good set of tools to work with as I face what life brings. Lori’s coaching style embraces good listening, and interpretation of life issues. And firm but gentle guidance and assignment of homework, practices, and personal responsibility. New communication skills and problem-solving strategies have become a part of my life, due to my work with Lori. I am grateful our paths crossed when my need in life was so great.”



December 18, 2019

Testimony regarding Lori’s meditation and vision board workshop classes:

After a stressful year in 2018 with a family divorce and bitter custody battle, I was going to therapy and working out regularly at the gym. Therapy helped me pull through the year . Harbor Bay classes workouts and swims helped me manage the stress. However, when I saw announcements about Lori Meleros meditation workshops , I sensed that was the additional support I needed.

I couldn’t start immediately, so entered beginning meditation halfway through the series.  Immediately even in the very first class ( for me) I  felt rested and at peace. Maybe, I thought to myself,  it was from  being in a calm environment one hour of the week. It didn’t matter because it felt so good.  Gradually I began to have dreams about healing and forgiveness at night, even if mentally I was resisting these states throughout the day. When the first class ended I signed up right away for the intermediate class. Once again for reasons I can not fully explain I began to have interesting experiences: increased joy in my daily life, even in mundane events, a feeling that there was literally a place I could go to rest every week – but also , through Loris  guided meditation tapes and my increasing familiarity with the process  she was teaching us, I could also access this state at times when I was at home or alone. This started a process of what I’d call ” mini miracles ” in my life – a period where many conflicts were resolving and various  parts of my life took on increased meaning, harmony and joy.

I also attended one of Loris vision quest workshops . It too was a wonderful experience , where I learned to ” set an agenda” for my future and establish SMART goals. It also provided a forum for exploration of where I might be headed.

I will sign up for the next meditation  class Lori will offer in January, an advanced meditation class. Also for any vision workshops she gives.

I strongly recommend any and all of Lori’s classes and services. Her  soothing voice and centered presence can help guide a person toward a similar state. A good way to discover develop and maintain ” grace under pressure.”


Harbor bay member, nurse and diabetes educator, also author of the Bay Area mystery novel, ” Grace.”


July 21,2019

Hi Lori, this is a super late testimonial that I promised you. I am deeply grateful for the contribution you are to my life. xo

”Lori has a gentle yet powerful approach in supporting her clients. Her warmth, smile, and touch immediately creates a safe space for one to be vulnerable in their journey to healing. She listens to people in a way that makes them feel validated and helps them see any blockages they may have in their road to healing. Lori reminds people to listen to and trust their own intuition. This was key for me in learning to trust that I know what’s best for my body, mind and spirit. With guidance and care, she plays a supportive role in having her clients navigate through their own healing process and discover their light. Lori has been an integral part of my healing and wellness journey.”


August 6,2019

“I would highly recommend Mrs. Melero. The breath work exercises were simple but effective and the guided meditations both seated and walking were so easy to partake in. She is generous with her wisdom sharing her knowledge of energies and the human body freely.”



July 22, 2015

Lori is a very wonderful massage therapist and wellness coach.

She is an excellent listener and communicator. She patiently listens to my life stories and she clearly explains how my past experiences and emotions have negatively or positively impacted my mental and physical health. Lori tailors each session to my needs. She is genuinely interested in what my immediate and long-term issues are and she takes an interest in resolution. She helps me address the real cause or the root of my problems, not just the symptoms.

Lori is very knowledgeable. She has expertise from many different health areas. She offers tons of coaching advice on how to manage my stress level and avoid unhealthy habits or patterns that are no longer serving my needs.

I like that Lori offers a very safe and comfortable environment. She is very gentle and compassionate. She never rushes me nor judges me. Her room is very peaceful and relaxing. To enhance my healing sessions, Lori applies wonderful aromatherapy oils on my problem areas. These oils seem to not only relieve tension and stress in my body, but they also seem to improve my mood.

I am extremely thankful that I have found Lori. Her therapy has greatly improved my comfort and stress level in a very short time. I would highly recommend her because she can bring great improvement in both physical and emotional wellbeing to anyone.

Viktoria Martiskova, Licensed Esthetician


July 28, 2015

I was having pretty severe discomfort in my wrists caused by increased exercise and lifting heavier weights. I decided to try massage to get some relief and contacted Lori since I am a member at the Bladium. I thought I would just be getting my arms worked on but I got so much more. Before we even got started, Lori talked to me about my whole body- from digestion to stress levels to any other aches I may have been feeling. During the massage Lori talked me through some stressful situations going on in my life. This coupled with the use of oils to relieve swelling and discomfort made my whole body feel like it had been recharged. The next day I awoke with no swelling in my wrists at all. I haven’t lessened the amount I have been working out and I have steadily increased the weight I lift and I still have no discomfort. I feel like Lori not only healed my wrists but she healed me emotionally as well. I am so glad that I went to her and I will continue to do so.


August 14, 2016

I came in to see Lori on recommendation from my companion after suffering from anxiety and physical discomfort. The brilliance of my experience with Lori was her ability to suggest lasting changes to help me deal with my problems on a recurring basis. Besides offering me a crucial moment of serenity in the middle of my day, she was able to understand the deeper root of my problem and tease out patterns I can address moving forward. I’m super grateful for my experience and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.



September 30,2016


What I took away from my session with Lori was an ability to breathe more deeply and a sense of being closer to myself. She held a nonjudgmental space for me to express what was going on in my life. With great attunement, she reflected back things I was saying and asked me questions that helped me to deepen my personal inquiry. She suggested a few simple, practical tools to support what I named as valuable to me. And then I got on the table to receive her gentle, intuitive touch. She used aroma oils and sprays with which my body resonated. Lori’s aromablends, her touch and, most importantly, her Presence helped me to empty out – to empty out the tensions and beliefs to which I was clinging – so that I could experience myself freshly as a spacious, clear and well Being.
Thank you, thank you.

Nicole Stone

Qigong Teacher

May 31, 2017

What did you like about the meditation. Workshops?
I like the idea of having the time to meditate about my inner being and my outside goals. Setting a time to get together with a support group of friends, it is just a reminder to always advocate for myself and others. Meditation workshop has encourage me to focus on the moment, to share and listen about personal feelings and to learn forms of relaxation. I enjoyed to always leave the workshop with a positive message.

How did the vision board help you?
The vision board was a fun, exhilarating and thoughtful exercise. The idea of putting together part of myself on a material was just an outline about who I am and what do I want. This vision exercise helped me to picture my soul and mind in a direction road of accomplishments.

What were some of your smart goals and did you achieve them.
Some of my smart goals have always been related to myself, my family, and my career; at times in different order. However, I consider to have accomplished some of my goals with focus, persuasion and a good attitude. Whether it is exercise, be a stay-at-home mom, going back to school, etc. the set of smart goals most always be part of my life.

How would my work help other moms?
As a professional and a mom with a caliber of life experience, your wisdom and work would always allow others to find more about themselves and to help them focus more on a particular need. In addition, your direction would assist others to comfortably guide themselves through a healthy lifestyle.

Why would others want to take the workshops?
Because it is a healthy support group for everyone in which people are encourage to advocate more about themselves, families or other meaningful needs in order to attain a better quality of life.
“A moment of meditation it is a privilege”.

What are some of the benefits of meditation and the group?
A sense of: Friendship, mindfulness, peacefulness, resilience, laugh, healing, relaxation, expression, awareness, etc.

Leticia Q.


June 5, 2017

“Over the past five years, I have had the privilege of getting to know Lori Melero, both as a friend, a fellow parent, and an attendee of her workshops. She is a strong yet gentle soul who always comes from a place of healing, growth, inclusion and action. Her calm and positive nature creates a space that allows people to find peace of mind and generate thoughts and ideas about their present and future. She has a gift for asking insightful questions, prompting others to think deeply about their needs, goals and way of being in this world. I have seen how she inspires others to achieve their dreams and she has done this for me as well! I highly recommend working with Lori as a coach and/or attending her workshops. She is wonderful!

– Catherine Suer”

June 5, 2017

There are so many good things that have come out of our meditations sessions with you.

I am very grateful for your generosity and support along the years.
-I like the meditation workshops because it gives me the opportunity to chat, share and spend time with friends.

-The vision board helps me to keep up my efforts towards accomplishing my goals and hopes.

My personal smarts goals are: taking care of myself and nurturing myself. I believe if I feel well and feel healthy, I can take better care of my beloved ones.

I have learned new skills. I can give my significant other more attention, love and patience. I noticed that I am more productive and feel good about contributing to my household.

-Lori’s wisdom, patience and guidance help other moms to realize we all deal with same issues one way or another, and we learn from each other.

-It is a great opportunity to just be present, be mindful, breath and relax, it is that simple.

Martha Tellez

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