Lori’s fascination with the body and it’s ability to heal itself started at a young age. Her passion for helping people and interest in a Holistic lifestyle, lead her to study bodywork at “Alive and Well”, Myofascial Release, ARCH Healing, Life Coaching, Pre-Perinatal massage,  Degriefing and Sri Yoga.

Throughout Lori’s 23 years of being a Massage Therapist and Wellness Life Coach, she has seen a number of clients from many diverse backgrounds. With lots of communication between Lori and the client, they find what is suitable for that session in that moment. Lori creates a safe and nurturing environment for her clients to “be” who they are.

Lori has helped thousands of clients in person and online over come blocks & fears.

She specializes in helping people through lifes challenges, changes & transitions. Lori is skilled at helping her clients create, design & manifest the life they want to live.

Her passion is to help people to “Live life to it’s fullest potential!”

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Live Life to it's fullest potential!

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