Lori’s fascination with the body and it’s ability to heal itself started at a young age. Her passion for helping people and interest in a Holistic lifestyle lead her to study bodywork at “Alive and Well” in 1997.  After graduating, Lori started her own Massage therapy practice.  She worked in a variety of places throughout Marin County and the East Bay.  Since then she has continued her studies and has combined many modalities to her work which include Wellness Coaching, Meditation & Yoga. 

Throughout Lori’s 24 years of being a Massage Therapist and Wellness Life Coach, she has seen a number of clients from many diverse backgrounds. With lots of communication between Lori and the client, they find what is suitable for that session in that moment. Lori creates a safe and nurturing environment for her clients to “be” who they are.

She specializes in helping people through Stress, Anxiety & Grief.

Lori has been successful in helping people through life’s challenges, changes & transitions. Lori is skilled at listening, asking the right question,  and believes in empowering her clients find their voice and help them find what is right for them to create and  manifest the life they want to live.

Her passion is to help people to “Live life to it’s fullest potential!”

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