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Our life changes & transitions group workshops allow students to share in a safe environment their story. Emptying out in a supportive environment facilitated by an experienced grief councilor and wellness coach helps facilitate change and transition & allows healing to occur naturally.

We meet once a week in a small intimate group of 8-10 people and discuss the course topics. We will listen, respect and honor each other’s journeys and support everyone along the way.

What are the benefits of the group?
A safe place to come to be heard, share, build community and get support.

How will it help me?
You will have an opportunity to share your feelings, story and from time to time get coached.

Why would I need a coach?
A coach will help you take the necessary steps to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

How is this helpful?
Griefwork and coaching combined allows students to be heard and empty out in a safe environment. In combination with the two modalities students learn tools on how to live life fully and in the present moment.

When is class? Spring 2019

Where is class? Online

Cost? $600 for 6 classes/ $498 early bird sign up

Material fees: TBD


“Wellness Wednesday meditation”, guided meditation, power thought cards and coaching. (drop ins welcome)

”Dream big dreams” January 2019 Vision board workshop, create & manifest your goals dreams. (6 weeks commitment, no drop ins)

“Spring cleaning” February 2019-clear out the old energy and make room for the new. (6 weeks commitment, no drop ins)


For over 20 plus years Lori Lue-Melero has helped many people through their life changes & transitions. She has a well rounded background in Bodywork, Meditation, Griefwork, Wellness Coaching, Yoga and specializes in family C.A.R.E. (Coach and resource educator)

Please check out for other classes and locations available.


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