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What’s in store for 2023?

You made it through the year 2022. A few more days. Almost there!

You may have started a new career, or ended one.

Bought a home , or looking for one.

Started school, or finished.

Got married, or divorced.

Brought a new one into the world, or lost a loved one.

So many changes & challenges, oh my!

Now what?!

What do you envision for this next year for yourself?

Travel or more down time?

Joining a new support group, or time alone in nature?

You get to choose how you will spend your time and energy.

Let’s take a look at where you are at & where you’d like to be in 2023.

Wellness Wednesday

Reflections in the Light, by Shatki Gawain

Listen to your own needs

What does it mean to take care of yourself? It means trusting and following your intuition, taking time to listen to all of your feelings including the feelings of the child within you that is sometimes hurt or scared. it means responding with caring, love and appropriate action. It means putting your most important inner needs first and trusting that everyone else’s needs will get taken care of, that everything  that needs will get take care of, that everything that needs to be down will be handled. it means trusting that the universe is looking after each and every one of us.

Today I am listening and responding to my own needs.

Angel Cards, by Doreen Virtue:  Spiritual Growth

You are going through a time of rapid spiritual growth, Enjoy the process!

Wellness Wednesday

Todays reading Reflections in the light by Shakti Gawain: Stay open to that flow Sometimes when we find ourselves fearful, insecure, worried, or believing in scarcity, we cut off the wonderful flow of energy from the universe. The abundant energy of the universe flows to us in many forms: love, affection, appreciation, money, material possessions, and friendship to name a few.   It is important to keep our consciousness open to receiving all the blessings the universe has for us. I am open to receive universal energy in all its forms. Doreen Virtue Angel Cards: Divine Guidance Trust and follow your intuition. It is God and the angels speaking to you.

Wellness Wednesday

6:00-6:30 am Todays reading Reflections in the light by Shakti Gawain:

Nurturing from within

Traditionally, men have been disconnected from their female energy, thereby disconnected from life, power, and love.

Men have been out there in the world secretly feeling helpless, alone, and empty, although they must pretend to be in control and powerful. They seek nurturing and inner connection through women, but when they connect with their own female, they receiver her incredible love within themselves.

Doreen Virtue Angel Card: Romance

12:30-1 pm Todays reading Reflections in the light by Shakti Gawain:

We Value ourselves:

All of us, men and women alike, have gone after external validation rather than valuing what we know and who we are. As we learn to balance the female intuition with the male action, we move from a state of helplessness to a state of power. We then are no longer so dependent on validation from others because we are giving it to ourselves.

Mantra: I value who I am

Doreen Virtue Angel Card: Signs

Wellness Wednesday

Join me for a 30 minute “Wellness Wednesday” meditation call!
Today Wednesday April 29th, from 9:30 am-10:00 am PST
I will do a guided meditation, read from reflections in the light and pull some angel cards.
I’d love for you to get onto the call and join me!
Hope to connect with you. The best thing is… you can come in your pjs and grab a cup of tea or coffee smile emoticon
See you soon!
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Todays reading Reflections in the light by Shakti Gawain:
April 29th, 2015
You have a friend
Each one of us has all the wisdom and knowledge we will ever need right within us. It is available to us through our intuitive mind. One of the best ways is to connect with this inner wisdom is by meeting and getting to know our guide, counselor, imaginary friend, or inner being. You can think of it as a person or being whom you can talk to and relate to as a wise and loving friend.
I have a wise and loving friend within me.
Todays Angel Card: