Sometimes you just need a little support & Coaching…

We finally made it to Cataract Falls.

I had been wanting to hike there for some time now, but for what ever reason didn’t make it until today.

I can finally ✔️it off of my list.

A perfect sunny day, we stopped to get sandwiches to bring with us.

Found the perfect parking spot and made our way to the trail.

Choices of trails:
1 hour
3 hours
6 hours

We went for the 1 hour trail.

It was so serene, green, lush and the waterfalls were bursting at the seams from the recent rainfall.

Halfway up M decided to run up the stairs. I was out of breathe and my heart was pumping a mile a minute. I tried keeping up.

“Wait”!I called out as she continued to run up the stairs and turn the corner.

A couple coming down the hill cheering her on for her efforts of running up the steep incline, while I am trying to catch my breathe and catch up to her.

We had to stop at the side for me to gather myself up.

I tear up with joy and overwhelm that we actually made it to the location. Two years ago it took me 4 hours to get out of bed. I had just gotten all of my tubes out and my goals when I got better was to get back on my bike, hike, travel and do things with my family.

A little break, a good cry, hugs and some Swedish fish. Then back on track to finish the .4 miles up.

At a slower pace we walked the last part to the end of the trail.

A beautiful waterfall was worth it all!

So glad for my support of C& M.

Patient, caring and kind. It helped me move forward to one of the best views.

Just when you think it’s the hardest part…that moment when you cry and just want to give up and turn back around.

Take a moment to stop rest,release, and reflect.

Then reset, and try and re-focus.

Like life, you’ve made it past the hardest point. When you get to the desired destination it’s time to stop and enjoy the progress and steps you took to get there. Celebrate your hardwork and efforts.

“We made it!”

Sometimes we tell ourselves stories that don’t allow us to move forward. Or, we forget to celebrate our efforts.

Today I moved forward and took many steps to get there. Some were harder and steeper than others. But, I did it with help, coaching & support from my family.

What have you been wanting to do & check off of you list?

Sometimes you just need a little support & coaching…

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