How we have navigated through change…the 2020 pandemic

During this Covid-19 there have been many changes.

It all started with my daughters schooling. I remember vividly the events that took place. Mid March 2020. First it was a cancelled concert, then another cancelled trip to Disneyland, to closing of the school & starting classes virtually through Zoom.

At first it seemed surreal. We were all in limbo as to if & when school would resume in person.

That didn’t happen. Disappointed and relieved at the same time. But what did happen was lots of changes after that. My place of work closed down too, which allowed me more time to focus on my daughter, her virtual schooling and gave me an opportunity to be creative and try new things.

For the past 6 months I delved into creating & cooking. Creating a sour dough starter was one of the things I learned. From that came Baking bread, making scones, & pizza dough.

As well painting, drawing, & sewing masks. I found a way to express myself & share with others.

We as a family have been eating meals together at least once a day. It has been a nice transition from the hurried & rushed meals to cooking together & eating together. Plus we have saved a ton of money from not eating out as much.

Summer has been different in the sense of not traveling far from home, but learning to enjoy what we have here in our own backyard. Literally and figuratively. We created a space in our yard to hang out & have utilized the space to social distance with family & friends on a few occasions. We are fortunate to have an amazing view of the SF Bay, just a few steps away from our front door.

Now that Summer is winding down and coming to an end, we are looking forward to a very different school year. None the less school is happening. A somewhat sense of familiarity for my daughter. However it will be online,” flexible” when it’s safe for all to return, even that will be different.

We have learned to be flexible, patient, resilience, compassionate, caring, and work as a team to get through this.

Keeping a positive outlook is key. Creating a clean, organized, healthy working, learning & living space is important & helpful too.

Exercise, fresh air, eating healthy, connecting with friends & family on zoom calls is also a big factor in being able to sustain during this pandemic.

How have you navigated through change? What steps did you take to transition through the pandemic? What silver linings did you find?

2 thoughts on “How we have navigated through change…the 2020 pandemic”

  1. Thanks, Lori. No sourdough for me. But lots of household organizing, and expanding my garden to include tomatoes and radishes, along with my Eureka lemons. Learned new skills in video chats. And have welcomed social distancing friends in my backyard. I do drive to visit my children in person, but sure miss the hugs!! Am also engaged in an online HSP – highly sensitive people – support group, and online meditation sessions. Being completely alone in my house, since my husband passed away almost 2 years ago, has been sad and painful on many occasions. No getting around that. But always feel like I am growing and finding reasons to feel grateful.


    1. Hi Noelle,
      Great to hear from you. Gardening is next on my list of things to explore. I love that you are still able to visit your children. The no hugging has also been a challenge for me, but air hugs and in person Social distancing visits are special.
      I’m glad to hear that you are engaged in an online support group & meditation sessions.
      Loss and grief are sad and painful. I have found personally that they take a course of their own through time and healing. It’s nice to know that you are continuing to grow and find reasons to feel grateful.
      Thank you for sharing your experiences with me.


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